Partner cities

International and inter-municipal activities of the City County Kaliningrad City

Kaliningrad is the political and business center of the Russian Bsrcic, the most western subject of the Russian Federation. The unique geographical position and history of the capital of amber land imposes a special mission on it. For more than two decades Kaliningrad has been playing the role of the showcase and outpost of Russia in the Central Europe. Its business community, ordinary citizens during this time have become familiar guests not only in neighboring countries, but also in all parts of the world. From its side, Kaliningrad is open to business guests and tourists from near and far states. Great expectations for the new guests and the development of the city were connected with the fact that in 2018 the city hosted the games of the group stage of the World Cup.

The municipal authorities of the regional capital actively develop and maintain contacts with the representatives of local governments of Russian cities, as well as with municipalities of foreign countries. This activity is highly appreciated by the international community: the city is among the 50 European municipalities and is a city of Russia that collected the entire set of top awards of the Council of Europe: Flag of Honor (1999), Board of Honor (2002), Council Prize (2005). ).

One of the most effective forms of cooperation that the Kaliningrad municipality applies in its interaction with local governments from other regions of the country and foreign countries is the time-tested institute of partner cities.

Nowadays Kaliningrad has the memorandums and agreements with the following cities:


1. Krasnoyarsk Agreement on cooperation, 2008

 2. Omsk Agreement on cooperation, 2006

3. Samara the first Agreement on cooperation, 1999

4. Severodvinsk Agreement on cooperation, 2010

5. Yaroslavl the first Agreement on cooperation ,1995


1. Erevan Agreement on cooperation, 2009


1. Brest Agreement on cooperation, 2009

 2. Gomel  Agreement on cooperation, 2010

3. Grodno Agreement on cooperation , 1994

4. Minsk the first Agreement on cooperation , 1997

5. Baranovichi - Agreement on cooperation, 2007


1. Berlin-Lichtenberg Agreement on cooperation, 2000

2. Bodenwerder Cooperation intent protocol, 2003

3. Bremerhaven the first Agreement on the main areas of cooperation, 1991

4. Hamburg Joint Statement on Strengthening Friendship and Cooperation, 2005

5. Kiel the first Partner agreement, 1992

6.Potsdam Agreement on cooperation, 1993

7. Rostock the first Agreement on cooperation, 1999

8. Zeitz Agreement on cooperation, 2010

9. Mühlhausen Memorandum on cooperation, 2017


1. Fyn Cooperation intent protocol


1. Cagliari Agreement on cooperation, 2011

2. Forli Agreement on cooperation, 2006

3. Catania Agreement on cooperation, 2017


1. Cork


1. Dalian Cooperation intent protocol, 1997

2. Guyuan Ningxia Agreement on the establishment of twin cities relations, 2011


1. Vilnius Cooperation intent protocol, 2000

2. Kaunas Cooperation intent protocol, 2001

3. Klaipeda Partnership Agreement, 1993

4. Panevezys Agreement on cooperation, 2002

5. Siauliai Agreement on cooperation, 2003

The Netherlands

1. Groningen Memorandum on cooperation, 1998


1. Bialystok the first Agreement on cooperation, 1994

2. Gdansk Agreement on cooperation, 1994

3. Gdynia the first Agreement on cooperation, 1994

4. Zabrze Agreement on cooperation, 1998

5. Lodz Agreement on cooperation, 2002

6. Olsztyn the first Agreement on cooperation, 1993

7. PowiatKetrzynski Agreement on cooperation, 2009

8. Raciborz the first Agreement on cooperation, 2002

9. Torun Preliminary Cooperation Agreement, 1995

10. Elblag the first Agreement on cooperation, 1994


1. Norfolk Resolution on cooperation, 1992


1. Kherson Cooperation intent protocol, 2002


1. Turku Cooperation protocol, 2004


1. Cherbourg Cooperation intent protocol, 1994


1. Kalmar Agreement on cooperation, 2000

2. Malmo Cooperation intent protocol, 1994

The City County "Kaliningrad City " is a member of the following unions::

1. Union of Cities of the Center and the North-West Russia

2. Union of Russian Cities

3. International Association Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments

4. Union of Russian Hanseatic Cities (associated Member)

5. The Hanseatic Union of the New Times (associated member)

Cooperation with the foreign and Russian partner cities of Kaliningrad is carried out by the international department of the administration of the city county Kaliningrad City. Contact information: phone / fax: 923 109, e-mail:

" : 236022, ., ., 1
+7 (4012) 31-10-31, E-mail: